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How to keep dynamic connector attribute horizontally? Any idea to draw harness more effective way?

Question asked by Candia Huang on Dec 7, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2020 by Candia Huang

Another question about harness drawing, When I use dynamic connector, the attribute I don't have the choice to keep the attribute orientation as general component does. Who has more experience on harness drawing? Maybe can give me good advice on it? I really apricate it. 

The picture below is the drawing, I want to keep attribute horizontally. But dynamic connect don't have " Keep attributes orientatior" option. 

When we create new component in the library and add circuit, sometimes one connection point has 3 or 4 circuit, so will show up the component as H12-L2 shows, between has 2 extra circuit, each time I need de associate the circuit and delete all the circuit and add circuit again. Sometimes fix the problem, sometimes doesn't. Maybe other connection point will show up the same problem. Any suggestion for this condition? 


How to keep attribute horizontally in dynamic connector