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undo revision

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Dec 7, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2020 by Ben Nemec

Does anyone have an example of a workflow transition with actions that can effectively undo a revision?  Typical process that would warrant this, assume file starting out in Released state.


  1. User, change state "revision required" 
    1. Sends file to WIP
    2. sets REV on data card to the next revision
    3. adds row in rev table of slddrw with the transition comment
    4. records other data to data card: user, date, etc.
  2. User makes changes and checks file(s) in several times but file never goes back to released, never "stamped" with the revision in history, the  "Inc. Revision" transition action never happens.
  3. The change is canceled or is decided to take out new part number instead of revise existing.


How can the user undo the change?  I'd like to send this file back to released without incrementing the counter and make a new version of the file that is a copy of the last REV Stamped version.


Currently the admin needs to do a Roll Back (don't like doing for various reasons) or the user manually gets last released version and checks that in then admin needs to us the Set Revision tool to fix the rev counter and revision on data card.


This is a fairly common action, I'm assuming there must be a good solution out there that encapsulates these actions in a transition from WIP to Released so the user can undo the revision and the history is all retained and the revision counter is still correct.


Thank you.