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bom column width

Question asked by Michael Atlas on Dec 7, 2020

This is for Solidworks PDM Standard 2019.  Am I missing something?  I've gone into the PDM Admin tool and set the default column widths for the default "Bills of Materials - BOM" table to show the columns I want and the default widths. 


This works just fine when I bring up a BOM, except when the one I bring up has some long entries (often under Description).  Instead of using the default widths I've entered the table auto resizes, driving everything to the right off the screen unless I drag the column widths back to something reasonable.  That would be fine if PDM actually remembered this for the item but just going away from it and coming back causes the columns to reset again.  Just Maddening.


Is there any setting to fix this?  Is this a reasonable request?