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Remove flyout from add-in Command Manager toolbar

Discussion created by Jorn Bjarning on Dec 8, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2020 by Jorn Bjarning

I have built a couple of SW add-ins over the years based on the add-in template available. Always a bit of a challenge to get the menus and toolbars right - but in the end I get it done. However one detail is haunting me and I can't figure out how to solve it.

In the Command Manager, the toolbar for the add-in always has a flyout-menu with all the commands in the toolbar. I don't want this flyout menu - but how to get rid of it? In the ordinary toolbar for the application this flyout menu is not present - see image below.

I have searched high and low in the procedure 'AddCommandMgr' where the toolbars are defined but I really don't see any leftovers from any flyout menu definitions here. Does SW remember if the application previously had a flyout menu? Or what is the explanation? Any hints?