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    Changing Folder Properties with Templates

    Megan Fannon
      Currently, I have one EPDM Template that creates a Bid folder with three subfolders (Bid number and some other info is collected and assigned to the bid folder and inherited by the subfolders). Later, when the bid turns into a contract more folders get added using a second template run from within the Bid folder. The model number and name are collected from the user and applied to the new folders, but it seems the existing folders do not get updated with this information even if I list them in the template (I've noticed that I can't change permissions on the existing folders this way either, but that's water under the bridge).

      In my ideal world, I would really like to just add this information to the parent folder data card (the original Bid folder) and then just let the rest of them inherit, but that doesn't seem possible. If I could have my cake and eat it too, I'd like to also change the filename of the Bid folder to include the model number. Why not shoot for the moon? :-)

      Any suggestions?

        • Changing Folder Properties with Templates
          Hi Megan,

          As far as I know, sub folders could always inherit properties displayed on the data card of their parent folder (even automatically)
          • Changing Folder Properties with Templates
            Megan Fannon
            Thank you to both of you but I guess I wasn't clear enough. I understand the inheritance of properties from the parent folder, and I am using that feature for the majority of the properties of my subfolders.

            The challenge is that I am using a template to add new folders to an already existing parent folder, and at the same time I am assigning a value to one particular variable, which I want to apply to the new subfolders, the already existing subfolders, and the parent folder. If I assign the variable using the template, it applies only to the folders created by the template (not pre-existing ones). Assigning a value this way also overrides the inheritance behavior of that property, so any future change on the parent folder won't affect the property on the template-created folders. If it were possible to modify the property of the parent folder using the template, that would solve my problem, but alas, it is not.

            Here is my work-around.
            1. User adds the new property value to the parent folder data card manually.
            2. User opens the parent folder and runs the template to add the subfolders, which then inherit all the information.

            I was just trying to combine these into one step. Not possible it seems.