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Where are those toolbars and icons mentioned in the tutorials?

Question asked by Peter Cohen on Dec 5, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2020 by Peter Cohen

Hi, I am going through some of the SolidWorks tutorials. One difficulty I have whenever I follow the tutorials is that some of the mentioned icons and toolbars do not show up on my SW GUI. I have to click on the needed icons in the tutorials for them to show up on my SW GUI. Is it due to some setting issues? Perhaps I somehow removed some toolbars?


For example, in Basic Techniques->Lofts, under "Bending the Part with the Flex Feature", it reads "Click Flex on the Features toolbar". I cannot find any "Features toolbar" nor the Flex icon. I have to click on the Flex icon in the tutorial for it to show up on my screen. Similarly, in Advanced Techniques->3D Sketching with Planes, it reads "Click Add Relation (Dimension/Relations toolbar)", I cannot find the "Add Relation" icon nor the Dimension/Relations toolbar. I have to click on the "Add Relation" icon for it to show up.