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Some features are not showing up as machinable features? How do I add them?

Question asked by Jonathan Amory on Dec 3, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2020 by Craig Serkanic

I am new to Solidworks CAM but familiar with HSM works.  I trying to learn Solidworks CAM but am running into two problems:

1)not all the features I want to machine are showing up as machinable features.  Take this part for example. I would like to perform a perimeter counter on both the small and large disk, but only the small disk is recognized as a parameter feature. The smaller holes inside the large disk are recognized as features.  How do I add the large disk parameter to the features?

2)I would like to run a contour mill on all the interior holes.  I am using a ramp with no lead-in or out.  All holes are large dia then the mill. However, Solidworks cam can generate tool paths for some of the holes, but I don't know why - see image below.

In HSM works if I want to cut a counter I simply select 2D counter and then select the edges I want to cut - is there any way to do that in Solidwokrs CAM?