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Taskpane Form Visible Outside of Solidworks

Question asked by Jordan Brown on Dec 3, 2020
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I have created an add-in with a custom tab in the taskpane. In general it works well, but the form that is being used shows up as ghost whenever someone hits alt+tab.


Also, and I am not sure if this is related, whenever the add-in is active, certain programs (including solidworks, adobe reader, and others) get distorted whenever they are maximized.


Below are the properties for the form as well as the code where the taskpane form is initiated. Any thoughts as too what the problem is and how to fix it?


Thanks for the help,


#region UI Callbacks
public void WinFormInTaskPane()
   ITaskpaneView pTaskPanView;

   pTaskPanView = iSwApp.CreateTaskpaneView2("C:\\Program Files\\MyAddIn\\TabIcon.bmp", "MyAddIn");
   TaskPanWinFormControl = new Form1();