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SolidWorks Electrical BOM - Terminals

Question asked by Jeremiah White on Dec 2, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2020 by Wayne McAneaney

Currently using vew_manufacturerparts_ex to generate our BOM, which we order from. We want our Terminals to be listed in the BOM under their Parent Component, being the associated Terminal Block; in hopes of shortening our BOM sheet considerably.


Is there any comprehensive resource about the Expert Mode SQL Query?

I've done minor edits using Expert Mode, but can't use it efficiently.


I have played with editing the statement below, which affects how Electrical Assemblies are listed.

"WHERE ((bun_id = %CUR_BUNDLE_ID%) AND (bom_assemblyid=-1) AND (bom_objecttype != 9))"


If anyone has any insight on our problem, we do appreciate any answers.