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Issue with convergence for max displacement of Solid

Question asked by Abner Salmeron on Dec 2, 2020


I am currently working on an assignment that requires me to run simulations for a rectangular 3d model treated as a solid and as a beam until I achieve convergence for max displacement. I have no issues when I treat the solid as a beam. However, when treated as a solid my value for max displacement never converges. I created a reference point on the top face to apply the concentrated load and I created split-lines in the middle of the faces that are perpendicular to the longitudinal neutral axis to create the boundary conditions for a pin and roller. I’ve attached snapshots as reference. According to my Prf. I should not be having this issue, but unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out what part of my setup is causing this issue. Any constructive feedback or instructions that will help to point me in the general direction will be greatly appreciated.