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iedmfile5.refresh and iedmfolder5.refresh not working

Question asked by Pichaiyan Prabaharan on Dec 2, 2020

Hi All,


I tried to refresh the file or folder after I change state. But its not working. Anybody have idea to do this?


Imports EdmLib
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
Imports System.Windows.Forms

'Create GUI &Main Class
Public Class Rev_Up_Main
    Implements IEdmAddIn5

    Public Sub GetAddInInfo(ByRef poInfo As EdmAddInInfo, poVault As IEdmVault5, poCmdMgr As IEdmCmdMgr5) Implements IEdmAddIn5.GetAddInInfo

        'Basic Names of an Addin
        poInfo.mbsAddInName = "Revision Update"
        poInfo.mbsCompany = "Test"
        poInfo.mbsDescription = "PDM Rev Integration Addin"
        poInfo.mlAddInVersion = 1
        poInfo.mlRequiredVersionMajor = 6
        poInfo.mlRequiredVersionMinor = 4

        'Get Card Button's Click  (Adding Hook)
        poCmdMgr.AddHook(EdmCmdType.EdmCmd_CardButton)  ' Card button click
        poCmdMgr.AddHook(EdmCmdType.EdmCmd_PreState)    ' Change State

        'Addin Settings

        poCmdMgr.AddCmd(1, "Test Addin")

    End Sub

    Public Sub OnCmd(ByRef poCmd As EdmCmd, ByRef ppoData As Array) Implements IEdmAddIn5.OnCmd

        Dim strVaultName As String = poCmd.mpoVault.Name

        Select Case poCmd.meCmdType

            Case EdmCmdType.EdmCmd_CardButton
                If poCmd.mbsComment = "Rev_Up" Then

                    For Each AffectedFile As EdmCmdData In ppoData

                        Dim btnVault As IEdmVault16 = TryCast(poCmd.mpoVault, IEdmVault16)
                        Dim btnFile As IEdmFile5
Dim folder As IEdmFolder10 = btnVault.GetObject(EdmObjectType.EdmObject_Folder, AffectedFile.mlObjectID2)
                        Dim btnCurrentStateName As String = "INWORK"
                        Dim btnDestStateName As String = "Revision Up"

                        btnFile = btnVault.GetFileFromPath(AffectedFile.mbsStrData2)
                        Dim filePath As String = AffectedFile.mbsStrData2.ToString
                        Dim directoryPath As String = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(filePath)

                        If Not btnFile.IsLocked Then

                                btnFile.ChangeState(btnDestStateName, AffectedFile.mlObjectID2, "RevUp", 0, 0)
                            Catch ex As Exception
                           End Try

                        End If
                End If
        End Select
    End Sub

End Class