Dennis Koens

Make a force-displacement graph from FEA results

Discussion created by Dennis Koens on Dec 1, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2020 by Ryan Navarro

I am performing an nonlinear FEA in Solidworks simulation in order to obtain the force-displacement behaviour of a compliant mechanism I'm designing. A compliant mechanism is a flexible part that is able to move due to elastic body deformation.


I fixed my part on one side and applied a displacement on the other end. Now I'm trying to extract the reaction force on the surface on which I applied the displacement. I want to plot this resultant force against the displacement.


I found an option called list displacement force (in the drop down menu under results). Here there is an option to graph the resultant force against time, but not against the displacement.



There is another option called time history plot. Here it is possible to plot the resultant force against the displacement for a particular element, but I want to be able to plot the total result force (not the force one particular node).



Any suggestions?