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Multibody multiple drawing sheets - check for same bodies?

Question asked by Dario Karalic on Dec 1, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2020 by Matt Juric

Hello ,first apology from me , for my English.
I will try to explain my needs as best as i can.


I really like multibody modelling , and until now i always used "save bodies" (with create assembly option) and then i created separately drawing for each derived part. SW is able to recognize same parts , and put them in more instances in assembly and that was really great for me.


Now , i want to try multiple drawing sheets , and i use select bodies to detail parts i need , but the question is what is best way to check which parts are same so i dont details two same parts? I use weldments all the time , and often i have a large number of bodies .That option in save bodies from SW to recognize same ones  was great, but now i kind of need to check it by myself because i dont wanna detail two exactly same bodies.


For more clarity see picture below , those two bodies are the same and i know that so i will details just one of them , but sometimes i have 100+ bodies which can be similar (or same) so i wanna try to avoid checking if they are same by myself.


I hope you guys can understand me , any suggestions? Thanks!