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Use Altium DBLib library in SOLIDWORKS PCB

Question asked by Benjamin Griffiths on Nov 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2021 by Nick Andersen

Hi there,


Without access to the Altium vault library, I've been getting a bit frustrated managing libraries for passive components.


Currently, for various values of resistors/capacitors, I have to make a symbol and a footprint, link them together, go to supplier search, find a part number matching the component value, link all the parameters, and repeat for hundreds of different resistor/capacitor values.


I've recently come across the "Celestial Altium Library", which to me sounds like the perfect solution, with an up-to-date library of components, including passives of all sizes and values, with supplier links included. I would never have to bother creating my own unified component for each value of resistor/capacitor again, saving lots of time.


Altium Library - Home - Open Source Altium DBLib


Trouble is, this library is designed for use in Altium Designer, as it uses a DBLib file. I know that SOLIDWORKS PCB has the ability to create DBLinks, but is there a way I can use this library?


In the installation tutorial on Altium, the DBLib file can be installed via the installed libraries window. But when I try, SOLIDWORKS PCB complains it can't recognize the file?


Is this yet another key feature of Altium that has been killed off in SOLIDWORKS PCB?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!