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Envelop of a parametric family of surfaces

Question asked by D. P. on Nov 29, 2020

Hi, I am trying to determine if Solidworks (which I do not own and never used) can help in modelling the envelop of a parametric family of surfaces as in: Envelope (mathematics) - Wikipedia 


As an example, imagine having:

* a closed surface modelling an off road tire

* F(t): six functions of one parameter (time) returning the 3 positions and the 3 orientations of the tire in the space.

You are asked to find the trace that the tire leaves while being rolled around according to F(t) for t in some interval [a,b].


The naive, inefficient way would be, for adequately small time steps, apply F(t) to the tire, then union all of them. This can finally be butted into the terrain surface. However when unioning a large number of complex objects the resulting shape quickly becoming over complicated while never getting actually "smooth".


Does Soliworks allow to accomplish this in the proper continuous way?