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Modify DocExport

Question asked by David Mullins on Nov 28, 2020

I'm not savvy with code but the DoxExport.swp file I found on these forums looks like it could be modified to do what I want it to do if someone could help me with the macro.  When you select a list of configurations and you run the macro it gives you the option to export to various file types.  How would I add a file type to that list?  Specifically I want to add *.sldlfp to the list so I can create a weldment library from a design table.


Any help?


FYI the DocExport macro was pulled from the forums and was written by Leonard Kikstra, website referenced from the readMe: Lenny's SolidWorks Resources 


Below in the picture where Export Types: lists the available files to export too, I need to add *.SLDFP





Ok, so two more seconds of reading would've solved this problem for me.  Inside the download is a file called DocExport.ini that allows you to add different file extensions.  My bad.