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Problems with Nvidia Quaro FX 1700 driver

Question asked by Derek Bishop on Jun 3, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2009 by Derek Bishop
I have a HP xw4600 machine with a nvidia quadro fx 1700 card and Intel E6850 CPU with 8 GB of ram. Recently SW started to open in open GL mode with real view disable. This occurred after the performance went from good to slow and jerky with a number of crashes.

I reinstalled the driver and did some other fix ups and the machine was running sweetly again. However today the system again opened SW in open GL mode. I reinstalled the driver this time after uninstalling and running driver cleaner sofware. So far so good.

The graphics card driver recommneded by Nvidia is

WinXP x64 04/03/2009 2009
WinXP x64 09/30/2008 2009

The graphics card driver recommneded for the HP xw4600 is

WinXP x64 08/21/2008 2009

It was recommended that I use the card recommended for the computer. Any suggestions or thoughts on the driver to use?