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Can you update the format of existing bend notes?

Question asked by Peter Brinkhuis on Nov 27, 2020

I have a bunch of drawings that I would like to change the bend note format of. Is this possible? 


Right now <bend-direction> is converted to either "Up" or "Down". I would like to change this conversion so it says for example "Bend Upwards" and "Bend Downwards".


I do not want to change the format of the note (ie: "<bend-direction> R<bend-radius"), you can do that with SetBendNoteTextFormat: 2017 SOLIDWORKS API Help - SetBendNoteTextFormat Method (IView) 


I know how to edit the text file bendnoteformat.txt, but this will only change new drawings. I want to update existing drawings.


I was able to toggle the visibility of bend notes off and on and it worked sometimes, but not always. I'm looking for a robust method that I can automate.