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Custom Properties - Extracting Part Number and Description from Title Text

Question asked by Jan Hendrik Hollenbach on Nov 30, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2020 by Peter Kennedy


I am a Solidworks 2019 user, and our company does not have a PDM system. I would like to streamline the saving convention and make the BOM data extraction process quicker. I am not very familiar with APIs.


Requirement: An equation that can be run to detect and assign a combination of text within a part's title, to automatically compile MATERIAL and DESCRIPTION properties.



  1. After modelling, I would like to save a part as "M30405 Gusset". I would manually type all text, and save the file in the applicable folder.
  2. I would then like to run an equation that detects the first 6 characters in the title, and assign them to the 'PART NUMBER' property of the current file.
  3. If possible, the same equation should be able to detect all characters after the space, and assign them to the 'DESCRIPTION' property of the file. 


What I have done so far:


"dummy"= part.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("").Set("partno", Left(part.GetTitle,6))

"dummy2"= part.Extension.CustomPropertyManager("").Set("description", Mid(part.GetTitle,8,50))


However, when pasting these lines into the File Properties -> Summary Information table, I am not getting any solution.


There are a few resources I investigated, but I can't make it function properly using SolidWorks 2019/2020:

How do I use a PART name and pieces of it to populate Drawings and BOM's? 


Any help would be appreciated!!