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How to Configure your PDM vault Data Card for toolbox files

Question asked by Daniel Hernández on Nov 26, 2020

Looking for guidance about PDM pro data cards associated with Tool Box.  By ignorance and accident, we used our default data file card ( by accident ) and had this card associated with Toolbox part files by inheritance. 


Our default data card is running interference with expected Tool Box behavior with respect to what we see in my exported BOM and drawing BOM.


I think I figured a way out of my little mess but I am surprised that I see no mention of any 'recommended' or 'ideal' PDM pro data card setup for tool box!.  He notice now that admin guides should mention that pdm pro data cards for toolbox should be different!  Also, there seems to be no mention of the significance of pdm pro built-in variable Part Number!


Also, I see no straight forward explanations about Tool Box's 'part number' variable that can be mapped directly to drawing BOM, somewhat bypassing the PDM Pro vault.  We do not use the PDM PRO variable 'Part number'.  The admin that installed the PDM Pro vault decided to use some other variable name.


If someone has data about tool box and pdm pro data cards best practices, it would be appreciated if you could point me to the right direction.