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Excel VBA for pulling PDM BOMs

Question asked by Michael Kuhn on Nov 25, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2020 by Michael Kuhn

I have a spreadsheet tracking orders for over 20 individual BOMs at various engineering revisions. I am attempting to use the Solidworks API for PDM to pull the BOMs from SLDASM files and export updates to each excel sheet. 


I've gotten started writing the VBA in excel to do this, but I've run into a roadblock as it seems there are aspects of the API that are not supported in VBA, but are in VB.NET. 


Is it possible to use excel VBA by itself to pull BOM data from PDM, or is it a waste of time trying to make this happen without the use of VB.NET or some other script? If it is, could someone point me to an example of how to make it work?


thank you