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Generated turning toolpath is allowing tool holder collision

Question asked by Terry Hillyer on Nov 24, 2020

I have a lathe part that has a small thread relief feature which required me to create a custom 0.062" grooving tool.


There is also a much deeper groove on the backside of the part.  The toolpath generated is correctly using the 0.062" grooving tool to machine out the thread relief, but then incorrectly is using the same grooving tool to machine the deep backside groove.  The 0.062" grooving tool can only cut to a depth of 0.094" and the backside groove is much deeper than 0.094", and so the grooving tool holder is shown in simulation as colliding into the part.


My limited experience with SW CAM is that the generated toolpath does not usually allow collisions of this sort.


My goal is that the 0.062" grooving tool would be used only for the thread relief and that the backside groove be machined with the cutoff tool.


Any ideas?