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    Automatic Rebuild While in A Sketch?

    Danny Sillett
      How do I get a model to quit rebuilding while I'm still in a sketch?

      When I need to go back and modify geo in a sketch or change a line from regular geo to construction geo, all of the following features after that sketch will rebuild (and sometimes fail before I complete the change to the sketch) when I change it to construction geo.

      It's REALLY affecting my productivity, as I use some decently complex aesthetic type surfacing, usually involving complex rather than simple sketches, and if the sketch is early on in the part it will rebuild the thing all the way down the line to my rollback point. It sometimes takes FOR-EV-ER, especially if I have to do it multiple times before exiting a sketch.

      I cant find an option on this anywhere. I've got Instant 3D turned off because it turned Solidworks into a snail. Other than that I cant find any options that seem to relate to this.

      Can someone clue me in here please?
        • Automatic Rebuild While in A Sketch?
          Troy Peterson
          You can only do this for assemblies;

          From the help file;

          Suspending Automatic Rebuilds

          You can defer the update of assemblies until you are ready to rebuild the assembly. By deferring the update, you can make many changes, then rebuild the assembly once. The assembly still rebuilds automatically, if necessary, for internal updates and to protect the integrity of the model.

          Use this option only when absolutely necessary. Rebuild errors created while this option is active will not become apparent until this option is deactivated (or you do a manual rebuild), which can make it difficult to determine the cause of the errors.

          To defer the update of assemblies:

          Right-click the assembly name at the top of the FeatureManager design tree, and select Suspend Automatic Rebuild.

          (Rebuild Suspended) appears in the status bar.
          • Automatic Rebuild While in A Sketch?
            Charles Culp
            To clarify, you can only suspend rebuilds on parts in assemblies.

            The behavior you are describing, Danny, should never be happening. I would comment to your VAR that it is happening, and see if you can report it as a bug.
              • Automatic Rebuild While in A Sketch?
                Brian Robinson
                Hey Danny, I have the same issue running SW 2009 SP 2.1 on my 64-bit PC. I have to remember to roll back to the feature before the sketch to avoid the rebuild. All this time I thought it was an enhancement that I really did not need.

                Peter Ferreira
                • Automatic Rebuild While in A Sketch?
                  Danny Sillett
                  Troy, I dont typically deal with assemblies. At most I have 2-3 parts in some cases, so I just build them as separate models within 1 part file, but typically it's only 1 part per file.

                  But yeah it doesnt seem right. As soon as I change an entity to construction geometry it rebuilds every feature after that sketch, and fillets and any other feature up to my rollback point all show up on the model while I'm still in the sketch, which doesnt make sense chronologically. It shouldnt update features after that sketch until you exit the sketch IMO, as the features after the sketch you're in basically havent been added to the part yet.

                  I talked to tech support yesterday and they told me to turn off Automatic Solving in my sketches, but that's not it and it still does the same thing with it on or off. But I'd rather have it on since you can drag geo around before you fully define it.

                  I dunno, it's a pain. Each release of Solidworks over the past couple years have slowed me & my machine down rather than sped me up. But hey, the graphics are better right? Lol.

                  I dunno, I can strip & reinstall, (going to 09 was a fresh install and not an upgrade, and the problem has persisted through all SP's,) but I'd have to come in on a Saturday and wouldnt know for sure if that would fix it, if it is in fact a bug and not an option of some sort.