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Switch back to Solidworks when clicking taskbar, without having to choose which open file?

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Nov 20, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2020 by Terry Raymond

Seeing if there is a simple solution for this annoyance...

I usually have a lot of stuff open, ie lots of programs and lots of model files open in Solidworks.

Often I just want to click the Solidworks icon in the taskbar to go back to Solidworks.  But then it pops up a bunch of preview windows and I have to try to find the one that is already active, or Solidworks switches the active model and I lose time.

Is there an option somewhere to make it just switch back to Solidworks when clicking the task bar icon, without having to select again?  SW setting?  Windows setting? Registry hack...?


Alt+tab / alt+winkey will switch back to Solidworks, but I have to look at a bunch of options for which program to switch to.


Sure would be nice if I could get the the taskbar icon to work like it does for every other program...!