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Drawing lines in layers

Discussion created by Paul Steijger on Nov 20, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2020 by Sergio Monti

Hello everyone,

We have a lasercutter which uses different line colors to make different cuts. At the moment we use Solidworks to model the parts, save them as .dxf, bring them to Adobe Illustrator to assign the appropriate linecolors to the different lines, and cut them out using the machine. It would be nice to exclude Illustrator from this proces. I know it is possible to use layers in a drawing to highlight annotations or parts in an assembly, but putting lines in different layers seems harder.

After using the "convert view to sketch" option i have been able to put different lines in different layers, but for some reason it wont show the assigned colors: the lines stay black. When I save the file as a .dxf and bring it to Illustrator (to check) it saves and shows the different layers, but the lines are still colored black.

Does anyone have an idea why the lines wont show the colors assigned to the layer they've been put in?

Thanks in advance,