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Macro to add a Jog point to an existing leader

Question asked by Joseph Kissling on Nov 20, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2020 by Joseph Kissling

I am attempting to improve my workflow by performing some commands using macros. One of which is emulating the procedure of right-clicking on an existing leader and adding a jog point. I have attempted to use the record macro button to capture this procedure, but the record function does not seem to capture these steps.


I have gone through the documentation and I discovered this command: swCommands_Leader_Add_Bent which is part of swCommands_e Enumeration members. Unfortunately,  my programming knowledge is not quite there yet to make use of this command. I am familiar enough with macros to modify existing ones which is how I have created others (with the help of the record feature and extensive googling) but I have hit a wall with this one. 


Can anyone provide an example or resource for how to make use of swCommands_e Enumeration, and more specifically the swCommands_Leader_Add_Bent? 


Many thanks!