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Crayola Color Swatches and Custom Appearances

Discussion created by Kevin Bouwman on Nov 19, 2020
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I have always wished for more colors to work with when creating parts and assemblies.  I have created a few small, product line specific, custom appearances folders and one custom color swatch, but I never really had what I wanted.  This is my first step towards creating a better appearance library.   Attached is a zip file containing three color swatches (each swatch can only have 40 colors) representing all 120 Crayola colors.  Also attached is a zip file containing the Crayola custom appearances folder I created with the same 120 colors. Copy the contents of these zip files to the folder where your custom swatches and custom appearances are stored.  See Tools/options/system/file locations.  #color swatch #custom appearance #swatch #appearance #Crayola