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Help with adding sheet metal thickness custom property to data card

Discussion created by Kristian Lade on Nov 19, 2020
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I'm trying to add sheet metal thickness as a custom property and send it to the PDM part data card. I've added a new custom property with name "Thickness" and Value / Text Expression "Thickness@Part.SLDPRT". This seems to be working when I have a sheet metal part (i.e. the thickness is displayed in the part data card). But if I save a new part with just an extruded sketch (say I want a milled part instead of sheet metal), then the editbox in the datacard displays "Thickness@Part.SLDPRT".


This of course makes sense to me since I didn't add a value for the thickness. But is there a way for me to make it so that the data card for a non-sheet metal part (e.g. extruded or revolved bodies) will display nothing in the editbox instead of "Thickness@Part.SLDPRT"?


I hope this all made sense. Thanks!