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item numbers in cutlist tables

Question asked by 1-FUCZDT on Jun 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2009 by 1-FUCZDT
hi all,

right start with weldment. 3 different profiles. some with holes some without. normal stuff.
in feature tree cut list folder. do update. note each matching pieces grouped. each with a item number ie "cut-list-item2" etc.
1. is that number locked to those pieces for ever?
2. can i get that number out and put it in a table?

now making a drawing of the said weldment. make cut list. item numbers are not the same as in part. random order. sort material column so like with like to make sawer life easier. item number random again. balloons update.

i have given my weldment part a partNumber in custom props. i now want to create a part number for the items in the weldment. in a column of the cutlist.
1. create column equation to show "partNumber-itemNumber"?
2. way to lock all that down so if weldment edited pieces alway keep same number for ever?

then cut list would be saved as template and would be a nice automation.

any experts about?