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Build A Big Assembly Effectively

Question asked by Gustav Rydn on Nov 20, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2020 by Alin Vargatu

What is the best method to achieve the following scenario...?


  • You have some (e.g. 10 pcs) assemblies [*.sldasm] of different types of compressor units or machines. Each one of these are "pretty heavy" containing about 50 parts.
  • These machines are being installed in a mechanical room. This room is being modeled in the top-assembly [*.sldasm]. The purpose of the top-assembly is to get a overview and determine the placement of the machines.
  • There's no need to edit the machines. They can be seen as "dead bodies".
  • Obviously, when working in the top-assembly you want the rebuild and loading times to be as fast as possible.

 Figure: Compressor unit

Some ideas:

  1. Save the machine-assemblies as [*.step] or another file format before inserting in the top-assembly?
  2. Use "Large Assembly Settings" and low "Image Quality"?
  3. In some way "lock" the assemblies from loading and rebuild (like the freeze bar that's available in parts)?


Do you have any ideas?