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    Highlighting Contacts

    Derek Bishop
      Defining contacts on large models such as multibody parts can be tedious. It would be helpful if the contacts that are defined are somehow highlighted so you can keep track of where you get up to. This is particularly the case when running studies on multibody parts. Any one find the same thing?
        • Highlighting Contacts
          Bill McEachern
          I try to avoid using multi-body parts in analysis - it is easyt to turn them into assemblies and I use those. They tend tobe difficult to use - no explode capability.

          You can use the find contact sets command - it is also helpful.

          Sometime it is just a bit tedious and also there are limitations on how big your selection sets can be - they escape me at the moment but they use to be in the 20 to 30 range.

          Hope that helps.