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Changing User Defined tools in TechDB

Question asked by Jeff Reynish on Nov 16, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2020 by Jeff Reynish

I am building my Tool Cribs and have input as many of the tools that I currently have but required creating a number of user defined tools to get the right profile for the tool. 


Now that I have about a dozen User Defined tools that I would like to label as their appropriate tool type, Drill, Flat End Mill, Bull Nose End Mill, etc.


But When I attempt to change them in the tool crib I get the following.

"select a valid tool from database"


When I go to user defined tools under mill tooling, I do not see an option to assign them to the appropriate category. 


The reason I am doing this is to allow for tool crib sorting and creation in a much more timely manner. by choosing the correct category and adding the appropriate tools. 


The reason for user defined tools is the profiles in the SolidWorks library were restrictive and would not allow me to change certain parameters to approximate the tools actual shape.