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Question asked by Marshall Wilson on Nov 17, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2020 by Marshall Wilson

I've been using this macro (Traverse_Assembly_and_Hide_All_Sketches_Example_VB) to traverse assemblies and hide sketches. I never bothered to diagnose the problem until today and I think the issue is with these three lines: 

    If "Annotations" <> swFeat.Name Then         bRet = swFeat.Select2(True, 0): Debug.Assert bRet     End If

Error seems to happen whenever the macro encouters a Mirrored part in the feature tree. Today I decided to just comment out the lines and the macro is (so far) working fine. It looks like some sort of error check feature, but can anyone tell me what this code is supposed to do? Why does the macro care about "Annotations"? And why might it be giving me errors?