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Macro for ballooned items only BOM

Question asked by Johan Van Jaarsveld on Nov 17, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2020 by Johan Van Jaarsveld

We first started to ask for SPR's for this function since solidworks 2015, yet it hasnt been implemented yet. 
Inventor has the function to create a BOM with just the ballooned items. We used to use this for our partspage as the machines sometimes contain 3000+  parts while just 20 parts have to be highlighted and be notified in the BOM. Showing the indented BOM means creating a bom of 3000 parts which creates an huge demand of our CPU/GPU


The BOM contains a value in order to show which items have balloons when expanding the table, so normally I would think that this value (either 0,1 or w.e.)  should be able to create an if 0 delete row else keep row, kind of code yet I'm not experienced enough to see if it's that simple. 

I've heard more people with the exact same problems, so I was wondering if anyone has a marco doing this kind of thing? 

Thanks in advance!