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Trimming Certain Instances of a Linear Component Pattern in Assembly

Discussion created by Alexander Korotkov on Nov 18, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2020 by Alexander Korotkov
(See the attached files: assemblies "Assem1_initial.sldasm" and "Assem1_cavity.sldasm", consisting of two parts, "Part1.sldprt" and "Part2.sldprt". Using SW2020)
I have an assembly ("Assem1_initial.sldasm") consisting of two parts ("Part1.sldprt" and "Part2.sldprt"). I create a linear pattern for the Part1, and certain instances of this linear pattern intersect with Part2. I want to trim those sections of the Part1 linear pattern instances that intersect with Part2.
An apparent candidate solution would be adding "cavity" to those instances of Part1's linear pattern that intersect with Part2. However when done so (see "Assem1_cavity.sldasm"), the cavity extends to all instances of the Part1's linear pattern, not only those that intersect with Part2. I can't find a way to restrict its application to intersecting bodies only.
Any ideas?
I think about something similar to "Trim/Extend" functionality from the Weldments toolbar. The latter unfortunately applies to weldments only, not assemblies.
Many thanks!