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Solidworks Connected not opening?

Question asked by David Lewis on Nov 13, 2020

I have a fresh Windows 10 Pro install, performed yesterday on a workstation computer that I have used Solidworks on for years. I installed Solidworks Connected directly from the 3DExperience site, and successfully opened it as of yesterday.


This morning, nothing I could do would open Solidworks Connected again - not from the desktop shortcut made from a command in 3DExperience, and not from the "Solidworks Connected" link in 3DExperience.


After the "3DExperience Launcher" sounds, the Solidworks Connected splash screen takes about 15-30 seconds to appear, and then hangs on "Loading registry" before disappearing.


So far, I have renamed the Solidworks 2021 registry entry, but obviously that has done nothing. It creates a new entry like it should, but since it never opens there isn't much in it.


If I had any hair to pull out, I would be doing that, but I don't. Instead, I'm here.