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Explain this to me...

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Nov 16, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2020 by Matt Juric

If your license is off maintenance, it's understandable that some resources are unavailable.


Yet, why can't one:


Enter an enhancement request?

Enter a bug?

See the progress of one's enhancement requests?

Use your admin dashboard?


And so on!!


SolidWorks, you're being stupid once again.  Why would you block people from helping you fix your crap or still using certain features to properly use the software that was already paid for?


My personal license is off maintenance right now.  Why?  Mostly it's SolidWorks FAULT!


Try to follow this...


Most of my clients are still on older versions.  2019 is the NEWEST version that my clients are using.  Some are still on 2017.  This is because of the massive difficulty many companies have with upgrading, so many of them just stay on older versions.  The newer bells and whistles don't outweigh the monumental effort it can take each year to upgrade and also the risks if something doesn't work.  I think we've all lost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars of productivity during various upgrade debacles.  


Reevaluate your off-maintenance policies!!