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Macro for Total Quantity in Weldment Cutlist Parameter!

Discussion created by Valdas K. on Nov 16, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2020 by Matt Juric

Is there a macro for total quantity of weldment? 
Solidworks Weldment Cutlist is designed only for 1 instance of Weldment Cutlist. But if there are more than 1 instances of Weldment, there is no way of showing total quantity of each part, rather than just overwritting all Quantity parameters manually.

My proposal is this:

I have a specific parameter called "QTY_A" in Configuration Specific Parameter, which represent the instance number of weldment.

So when written number of instances here, can macro make a parameter in CutList, called "QTY_Total" for each cutlist item? and Evaluation of this parameter is "Quantity" * "QTY_Total".

for example, we have Sheet <5> , Quantity = 3, and "QTY_A" = 5, so can macro do the math, and write "QTY_Total" = 15? and do this math for each cutlist item? Because as far as I understand, cutlist doesn't support formula, so macro should help resolving this issue.

I have noticed that people are asking on the internet about this solution. Workaround is using Bill of Material in drawing, and multiplying the total number with the cell of QTY from cutlist. But I need the number to be in the parameter of the cutlist item. Because I am showing the drawing with specification tables separately.

I am sure this solution would be helpful to many!