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MBD Issues with cylindrical chamfers and fillets

Question asked by Arnout Temminck on Nov 16, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2020 by Alessandro Tornincasa

I have a question regarding chamfers and fillets of cylindrical features within the MBD environment. I use SW2020 SP5.0, however i have the same issues when using SW2017.


If you use the Size Dimension tool to dimension a cylindrical chamfer or fillet, the annotation is positioned under a certain annotation view, in my example the Right annotation view (all blue highlighted item are within the Right annotation view)



Now consider that I would like to move the cylindrical chamfer annotation, that is the 2x30, to the Front annotation view. I could do this for the height dimension of 50 by simple right click and change the annotation view, see the image blow



The height dimension of 50 has been moved from the Right annotation view to the Front annotation view. 



However, this option does not work for cylindrical chamfers or fillets. I cannot move the 2x30 using the same method, why???. I can only move the annotation to "Unassigned items" or "by selection", I have btw no idea what the "by selection" option is used for.


Another problem that I have with the cylindrical chamfers and features is that they cannot be moved like the chamfer and fillet features on non-cylindrical edges. For example I can select the end of the 3x60 leader and move it toward the front, see image below. This work perfectly just like shown in the following link

 2020 SOLIDWORKS Help - Video: Using Drag Handles to Change Annotation Planes 


But again for cylindrical chamfers and fillets this does not work, if I try to move it, it disappears completely as soon as it is no longer selected, it is moved to the annotation view unassigned item, but its not graphically showing the annotation no matter which annotation view is active, including the unassigned items one. I have attached a mp4 file (i hope this works btw) to illustrate the problem.



Sorry for the long question and i hope that is clear what i mean. Also this is just a dummy 3D file, for this 3d model is not really an issue where to position the annotations, however i work with cylindrical part or assembly which are much more complicated and for these situations the problems i mentioned in this post are extremely annoying. See for example the image below, i've dimensioned almost every relevant dimension in a section view like style, then i would like to dimension the cylindrical chamfer in front of the part. The size dimension tool puts the leader at side of the part which is cut away, and a cannot move this annotations within the same plane as the other dimension for the reasons mention in this post.


Does anyone have a solution for this?