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Get "Referenced Version" by default instead of "Latest Version" ?

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Nov 13, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2020 by Ben Nemec

We would benefit from working with referenced versions vs. latest 99% of the time.  In cases where the user does not have a referenced file in local cache the latest version is downloaded for them automatically, we would be much better off if the referenced version were downloaded, not the latest.  From what I hear there is no way to do that.  The only option is to force users to always work with latest version which is not what we want.


The most idea would when a file is opened PDM would get the local cache to match the referenced versions for all the files regardless if there is a local copy or not.  Just always get the referenced version when opened, but still allow the option to load an older or newer version.


I'm about to start looking if it is possible to achieve that behavior with a PDM Add-in.  Does anyone know a method that works without slowing down the Get Files operation?


If that first option is not available I'll need to drive it into all of the user's heads to always get files by the referenced version.  The trouble is it seems most places that open the "Get" File Reference Dialog the "Latest Version" is selected by default and "Referenced Version" is optional.  So it's easy for them to miss, remember PDM is new here and it is only one of the many other tasks and tools they must learn to do.


Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default to Referenced Version instead of Latest Version?

I know the screen shot shows referenced version == the latest version, it was to get image to clarify what I'm asking about.


Thank you.