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Solidworks Custom Properties not Updating

Question asked by Lavon Wideman on Nov 14, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2020 by Lavon Wideman


I am using the property tab builder to customize the property tab for my files. I have created the .prp file and pointed SW to the correct directory in Options > File Locations > Document Templates. It worked when I created it, but now I am not able to update it. I opened the .prp file in the property tab builder, made the changes and saved it. I have tried refreshing with F5, creating a new document, changing the file location in Options then changing it back, restarting SW, and using the default templates. The default part template shows the original message saying there is no template available, but when I create a new drawing with the default drawing template it keeps showing the first version of my property tab even when I've deleted it. Is this a bug in the software or am I doing something wrong?