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Solidworks 2009, 8800 Ultra, & Dual Monitor Setup

Question asked by Ayman Ibrahim on Jun 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2009 by John Lhuillier
Hi all. I hope someone has seen this problem or might know a fix for it. I'm running Solidworks 2009 x64 with an 8800 ultra in dual-view mode. If I run solidworks on the second monitor, it will load, but when I open any files they don't show up. The parts load and assemblies load, but the actual model screen is the background of windows or whatever was there. I can click the feature/assembly tree, but nothing shows up. However, i can edit a feature and go into the model screen and do a mass select and it will go into the edit state.

For some reason the model won't show up on monitor 2, but it will show up on monitor 1. The solution/work-around is to use monitor 1, but I'd like to use monitor 2. Does anyone know of a fix or issue or has seen this problem before? Thanks.