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Is there a way to have a "Special" custom property on each part?

Question asked by Matt Juric on Nov 12, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2020 by Matt Juric

So if I have 50 proximity sensors on a machine, they are all the same part. Is there a way to add an individual custom property to each one of those parts?


What I had a thought of doing to help out the electrical folks on the floor was to add a custom property to each of our electrical devices with their electrical address. So if I had 50 proxes for instance called ABCD that part would have a field I could fill in. That field could be different for each copy. So ABCD <1> would have a field called EAddress and I would enter XXXXX1. ADCD <2> would have the same field but I could enter XXXXX2 and so on.


When I went to the drawing I could drop in a note that would call that field so I could have a leader and the address would propagate automagically. Is something like that possible and if so can you send me in a direction to investigate?


I had no idea what this would even be called so I had no idea what to even search for.


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