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Can Cutting planes also cut Hotspots ?

Question asked by Hugo Elissalde on Nov 11, 2020

Hello Composer Community,


I have large assemblies that I want to cut by zone but some of the parts that I have as actors overlap between several zones.

I need to cut the assembly and then use hotspots, but I want the hotspot to highlight only what's visible on screen and not the parts hidden by cuts. I know there must be a way or a setting somewhere and I'm not finding it.

Selection sets work perfectly for that, it only highlights what's on screen but for some reason hotspots don't, and I need hotspots to link stuff on SVGs. I have Composer 2020. Thanks in advance for any help !


Edit for clarification: I am trying to use cutting planes as a "Hiding" tool to display only what I need on screen and display my big assembly section by section, but it does not work this way and I have not found a better way. Same for Cutting and then using the BOM, things cut don't show as "Hidden" and still show up on the bom... Any idea would be great !