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Flow simulation producing weird results

Question asked by Clayton Haight on Nov 11, 2020

Hey everyone, I am simulating a barbecue burner with a small pressurized orifice inlet, and lots of holes for the outlets. I followed a youtube tutorial to make the boundary conditions for the inlet and outlet. Since there are so many outlets I only did 3 to get a rough idea. The thing is all the arrows in the flow animation are trying to fit through those 3 holes. Is there a way to open all the holes fast without making a bunch of boundary conditions?



All of the arrows show the flow going in an infinite loop shape almost, they come out of the inlet, stop half way through the first tube section, randomly flip around and go back to the inlet. This is probably a problem with how I set it up, but it could be that this is happening in real life. Although I doubt it. I can provide any information needed to help resolve this problem, but there's so many settings I don't see a point of listing them all.

Thanks in advance,



(Using Solidworks flow simulation 2020 and running all simulations locally)