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Unable to Thicken Surface

Question asked by Tom Keaton on Nov 11, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2020 by Paul Salvador



I am trying to thicken the current surface I am working with (File attached) by 2 mm. It is a fairly complex surface so it's understandable that there was going to be an issue with this. Essentially, it either says "Unable to Thicken Surface" or "Failed to offset or face could not be detected". There have been a couple other posts I saw on this same topic, however I tried both of their solutions and neither of them worked for me. One of the solutions in another post was that if the surfaces are not well rounded (ie. have sharp edges), then SW cannot thicken the surface. However, I cannot smooth out these points where two surfaces can meet since the current design meets requirements. What else could I do here?