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Problem downloading SolidWorks (New interface?)

Question asked by Ben Hacohen on Nov 11, 2020

   First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this question. I am in charge of distributing our Student Team SolidWorks license to students in my engineering group. However, recently students have been having problems downloading SolidWorks.


   I have only found this problem in students trying to download since last Tuesday. Originally, students would go to  and enter their name email, as well as indicating that they are on a "Student Team". They would select YES for having a 9020 Serial Number, then click "Request Download." After agreeing to the terms and conditions, they are supposed to see a screen where they can download the SolidWorks setup .exe file, in which is where they enter our license number.


   Now, they are instead prompted to log in or sign up for an account after accepting the terms and conditions. Even after doing this, there appears to be no download link. The only download are we can find is in the support area, and that requires buying SolidWorks to access it.


   The problem here is that we have a license, and apparently, we need it to access the downloads for the setup file, but we can't enter the license on the website. Again, this only appears to be happening after last Tuesday, as other students haven't had this problem.


   We can conclude it isn't a license problem because frankly, we haven't been able to even try our license. Perhaps it was a website update that came with a bug?


   If anyone has downloaded SolidWorks recently and has encountered and overcome this, please reach out!