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Spring Assembly

Discussion created by Eric López on Nov 10, 2020
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I have a question on how springs work when put into an assembly. I have a spring that I wish to attach to the rod shown in the picture on one one of the spring then the other end hook around the opening I have there at the bottom. The purpose of the spring is so when that rod it is around moves along the track, you can see part of the track it moves along behind the center shaft, the spring would expand until the rod reaches the other end then compress again making sure the rod stays put in the little divot until it's moved again. How can I get this spring to expand and compress while in the assembly when I move the select the rod and move it? Would it be better to make the spring in sections and connect all the sections together then put it in the assembly or what? Any help is very appreciated, this is my first time working with springs in solidworks. Thank you for any help. Also attached should be a zip file with the entire assembly, the assembly is titled Test Assembly 2 and it is all done in solidworks 2020. Thank you. 





Section Picture of the assembly showing the spring needing to connect from the rod to the hook