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Is it possible to link a custom property from a model used in a view to the custom property of the drawing file?

Question asked by Yandrick Prevereau on Nov 10, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2020 by Peter Kennedy

I am looking for a fast and easy way of using a custom property [System name] coming from the 3D model and be able to have that property matched in the drawing file custom property. It could be from the first view inserted in the drawing file.


The idea is to use that property in the #task program when I save to PDF and when I save to DWG/DXF that it shows in the file name


As it is, right now my output file name  goes like this:


[title] Rev [prp(current rev)]


[title] is the drawing number associated also to a part or assembly number

[prp(current rev)] is a custom property associated to  the current revision manually changed in the drawing file incremented after each transmitted modification.


So when I save in PDF format from # Task, the file name shows like this: "12345678 Rev 0.pdf"


Sometimes the list of drawings can be long and there is sometimes a lot of time passing before we go back to the drawing folders. After a while, the numbers don't mean anything so a short description like the one I use in the drawing border linked to the part/assembly file would be very convenient in the filename of the PDFs and DWGs when I batch export them with #Task.


I am looking for something like this: "12345678 Pin Assembly Rev 0.pdf"


So here's my question:

Is there a way to mirror a custom property text from a part into its drawing's custom property list after inserting the first view in the drawing a little bit like we can do with the notes and drawing border?


I tried to copy : $PRPSHEET:"System Name" in the custom properties and no luck. it just prints : $PRPSHEET:"System Name"


Also note I am working on an old version of solidworks 2014... 


Thank you in advance!