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How to merge two crossed surfaces to be one surface?

Discussion created by Ke Zhang on Nov 10, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2020 by Ke Zhang
Hi all,
I have 2 .stl files which are 2 organs of the inner ear. They are segmented from CT slices and exported separately as 2 .stl files.
Some parts of the 2 organs should be contacted physically and they should share the same surface in the following Finite element modeling. However, they are 2 separate stl files, and the 2 surfaces are crossing with each other at the boundary. Is there any way to merge them together to let them share the same surface at the desired part?
The sketch is attached. The stl files are 3D surfaces, and the sketch is the cut plane of the model to illustrate our problems. Thank you very much.
Please see the mesh files below if it could make the question clear. Thanks a lot!